Valentino Dupe

Hi guys! I wanted to pop in and share with you a quick post about a dupe that I recently discovered that is extremely affordable. I’m always trying to find affordable pieces and these are so cute without a giant price tag! I was so surprised at the quality, fit, and style of these shoes from Amazon! I have wanted a pair like this for so long but they were always so expensive so this is an amazing steal! These Valentino heels run around $1,045 while the amazon shoes will cost you about $40! Ah-mazing! The amazon dupes are super comfortable and well made. They were also packaged very nicely which was another plus! Each shoe came in a padded bag inside the shoebox and that helped keep them from getting scuffed up. I highly recommend them! They also come in SOOOOO many colors! I absolutely love them!

XO, Gabby

*This post may contain affiliate links. That means I make a commission from purchases of the products linked at no charge to you. Thank you for supporting Sass and Stilettos!

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