Current Makeup Routine

Hi lovelies! Tonight, Joey and i are going to the Ravens vs. Eagles Preseason game and we are so excited! I am a Ravens fan and he is a die hard Eagles fan so it’ll be interesting. I honestly don’t dislike the Eagles but I really want my team to win! I’m just glad it’s preseason and it doesn’t really count 😉

This post is all about my current makeup routine and what products I use and love! I love writing posts like this but my makeup routine doesn’t really change very often so I don’t get to write about it a lot. I am so excited so let’s get started.


Since it’s summertime and it’s been like a sauna outside, I need something that is going to keep me matte all day. This primer is my go-to in the summer. I love this whole line of products because they’re affordable and they really work.


I have stopped putting concealer under my eyes because I realized I didn’t really need it and concealer always made my under eye area dry regardless of what I used. However, I love a good full coverage concealer. I LOVE this one from Flower Beauty in the shade light. It’s hydrating but still full coverage. We all need a concealer that can cover all our secrets 😉


Foundation is one of those makeup products that I could not live without. I love a full coverage foundation no matter what time of year it is but in the summer I also need it to be matte. I have been using this foundation for YEARS! I use the shade 102 Shell Beige when I’m tanner and 101.5 Ivory Buff when I’m more fair. It stays matte and wears beautifully all day long. I also really like this foundation in the shade 202 Creamy Natural from the dewy line.


I always set my face with powder, ESPECIALLY in the summer. I like to use the transparent Stay Matte pressed powder in my T-zone because that’s where I get the most oily. For setting the rest of my face I use this loose translucent powder. It has a strong scent but it doesn’t bother me. It is super finely milled and doesn’t have any flashback in flash photography. It also lasts FOREVER. I am still working on the tub I bought last September and I use it everyday.


I don’t know how I didn’t used to use bronzer. I have been using the Milani matte bronzer in the shade Bronzer (how fitting) and I really like it. It is subtle but buildable which I really like. I don’t love bronzers that are too pigmented right off the bat. It’s a very forgiving bronzer without shimmer which makes it a great bronzer for a beginner.


I am a big fan of a peachy blush in the summer. I think it goes with everything and just makes you look super fresh. I love this one in the shade Peaceful because it has a little bit of shimmer and it’s peachy! I like blushes that have a bit of shimmer in the summer because I use a lot of matte products and the shimmer just adds a bit of life back to the skin. It also blends really well! I also love this blush from Milani in the shade Luminoso for a more affordable option. .


I can’t go without highlighter, ever. I am OBSESSED with this one from Maybelline in the shade Molten Rose Gold. It is the creamiest, blinding highlight at the drugstore in my opinion. I also LOVE this one. It’s not talked about but I think this one in the shade Spark just looks so buttery on the skin and it’s super affordable.


I don’t really use a felt tip eyeliner anymore but I do use a pencil to tightline my eyes and this is my favorite. It lasts for days. Even when I take my makeup off, it stays! This one from Rimmel is great too for a more affordable option. I find that the Rimmel one is creamier but it doesn’t last quite as long.


I just started using this pomade and it’s super creamy and I love it! I also love the NYX brow pomade in the shade Brunette. It’s not as creamy but I love the tone.


Mascara is probably the one makeup item I could NOT live without. That and foundation and I am set! I look so tired without mascara. I have so many mascaras that I love but this is the one I always go back to. It beats out all my other mascaras…even my high end mascaras. It lengthens so much and that’s what I’m looking for in a mascara. I am blessed to have really long curly eyelashes (thanks dad!) but I always want more volume so this mascara is my go-to!


I have soooooo many lip colors but the products I’ve been reaching for more recently are the Color Riche lipstick from L’Oreal in the shade Saucy Mauve (my all-time favorite lipstick) and this gloss! The gloss is magic! I have mine in the shade Fenty Glow. It smells just like fruit punch lip smackers! Do you guys remember those? The lipstick is my favorite lipstick ever. It has a baby powder scent but I don’t really notice it once it’s on. I just think Saucy Mauve is the most flattering shade on me.

I don’t really use setting spray. They don’t really seem to work that well so I just use a hydrating mist and this one from Mario Badescu is my favorite. I just like to mist the powdery look down after I’m done my makeup and bring some moisture back to my face and this spray is perfect for that! That’s my current makeup routine!

XO, Gabby

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