Homecoming Weekend

Hi guys! Happy Tuesday! I just had the best weekend! Joey and I went back to our college for homecoming! Joey and I hadn’t been back in 2 years so it was awesome to get back. We visited a bunch of spots we always used to go to and reminisced a lot! I’m gonna recap our homecoming weekend!

Joey played Ultimate Frisbee on Messiah’s club team when he was a student and he loved it and was really good at it! Every year or so at homecoming they have an alumni tournament where alumni come back and play games against each other and current team members. It’s really fun and the guys are all really excited to see each other and play. I dropped Joey off at the field and went to do some work but came back later and caught a bit of the games.

After the tournament, we wandered around campus and got lunch at one of the places on campus where we ate like 90% of our meals when we were there, the Union. Neither of us really liked our dining hall food that much so we usually opted to go to the Union where the food was always yummy and there were lots of options. So much had changed there since we graduated and it was kind of weird to see all the changes, even to the menu. It was odd not being able to pay with Dining Dollars haha

After lunch we wandered around campus and walked down memory lane. We walked through all the newly built areas on campus and enjoyed the GORGEOUS weather that we’d been blessed with! It was the perfect day for homecoming.

The High Center aka the arts building

We eventually checked into our hotel and got ready to head to the homecoming soccer game. Messiah is a soccer school. There isn’t a football team and soccer is the big sport that everyone goes to watch. So we headed through the covered bridge and up the big hill to Shoemaker Field to watch the evening’s match. It was so fun to sit in the stands again and feel like a student again cheering on the Falcons. Every year there’s a “whiteout” where students wear a free white tee shirt that is given out and they all march down to the game together led by a guy in a kilt carrying bagpipes. It’s a fun tradition. I never really understood why the bagpipes were a part of it but I’m sure it has some significance.

The covered bridge

Joey and I didn’t stay the whole time at the game because our tummies were rumbling. That meant it was time to head over to the diner where we made so many memories and had a lot of late night meals. That place was Baker’s Diner. You couldn’t be a student at Messiah College and not have gone to Baker’s at least once in your 4 years there. It’s a classic diner that everybody loved and it was so nostalgic for both of us!

After dinner we went back to our hotel and crashed. It was a super busy day but it was so much fun. We can’t wait to bring our kids one day!

XO, Gabby

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