Last Minute DIY Gifts

Oh my goodness guys, how is Christmas in 2 days? I am so so excited because we are having Christmas at my sister’s house this year. I can’t wait to be with my whole family this year and have a new little lady joining us this year (my niece). Last year Joey and I both had to work the day after so we decided to stay home and I HATED it. It was such a lonely Christmas morning. I had never not been home for Christmas and I never want to do it again. That’s why I am so excited this year! We’re gonna play games and watch movies and I am jazzed.

Today’s post is all about those last minute gifts you can whip up in no time! Sometimes you need a gift that you weren’t anticipating and nothing says thoughtful like something handmade!

Cookie Variety Tins or Bags

This one happens to be my favorite because I honestly love receiving things like this. It shows me that the person took the time and money to bake multiple types of cookies and wrap them up all cute for me! And they’re yummy (obviously)! I love to make these for coworkers and I send them in with Joey for his coworkers as well. When someone isn’t expecting something from you and you show up with something yummy, you become very popular 😉

Homemade Hand Scrub

This is always a fan favorite and it’s something unique! I always love getting a unique gift. Most hand scrubs usually only require a few ingredients and they are super easy to make! These scrubs can be really versatile and you can also use them as a lip exfoliator. People will be very impressed. Here are a few scrub recipes.

Recipe in a Jar

I know we’ve all seen these at Christmas and for good reason…they’re great! Putting dry ingredients in a jar for cookies or a cake is the cutest and most fun gift! It’s great for kids because they can create something! Just write out your favorite recipe, tie it to the jar, add the dry ingredients, and voila, you’ve got a super cute gift!

Merry Christmas!

XO, Gabby

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