My 2020 Goals

Hi friends! Happy New Year! I am so excited for 2020. It sounds like such a futuristic year doesn’t it? I love the new year because it’s a time to start fresh and begin again. I know you could definitely do that at any time but the new year is always just such a good time to start. I wanted to share my goals with you as kind of an open diary. I like setting goals because it gives me something to work towards even if I don’t meet 100% of them. I think goals are good to have because they kind of keep you accountable but you don’t need to beat yourself if you don’t reach them. It’s so important to make sure they are goals that are realistic. Setting goals you think you can meet is essential.

My top goal for 2020 is to get healthy and have a healthy relationship with food and my body. This is a huge goal for this year. Last year I opened up about my eating disorder and have since taken steps to recover and get healthy. I have definitely been in a really great frame of mind even throughout the holidays. I didn’t obsess over what I was eating and I enjoyed myself without guilt. It has been amazing. I want to focus even more on being in a healthy frame of mind and maintaining it and getting my weight up to a healthy spot. I am finally thinking in terms of being healthy and less in terms of how I want to look.

I also really want to stop beating myself up for not working out and work out when I feel like it and not force myself to do it. I do like to work out. It isn’t something I dread unless it’s running haha I love how working out makes me feel but I don’t want to force myself to do it or stress out if I couldn’t find the time that day. I want to listen to my body more and if I’m not feeling great that day, no sweat, we’ll get ’em tomorrow. I want to adopt the mindset that it is ok not to work out every single day or even for a week. I want to be more forgiving of myself. I don’t like to set a goal for how many times per week I work out because I tend to beat myself up if life gets in the way. I plan on working out to feel good and allow myself to take the days I need off.

I am going to put sleep first and get as much as I can. For a stretch of time in 2019 I got the worst sleep of my life. I just could not sleep and then I would get up early in the morning and workout. It was terrible on my body and it wasn’t until I felt so burned out that I realized that I needed to put sleep ahead of working out. I plan on getting so much sleep this year! Working out is going to do my body no good if I am not sleeping enough.

Overall, this year I just want to be be my best self, be healthy again and enjoy life!

XO, Gabby

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