Dollar Store Hidden Gem

Hey everybody! I am so stoked to be telling you all about the hidden gem that I found at the dollar store! I don’t know about you but the dollar store is a playground for me! I love exploring and seeing all the stuff for $1!

I recently was at Dollar Tree and in true Gabby fashion, I wanted to browse the aisles. I came across the nail polish area and I was so excited to try $1 nail polish. I’ve found that even if I spend a little more on nail polish, it still chips within 2-3 days of application because I am constantly washing my hands, washing dishes, etc. Since even the more expensive polishes seem to chip quickly, I wanted to try a nail polish that was super cheap!

Enter the dollar store nail polish! The nail polish brand is L.A. Colors and the shade is “Simply”. Honestly, I love this polish. It goes on well, it is full coverage, and it dries really quickly. I love the nude color. I have been searching for a nude nail polish and this one is perfect. It did chip pretty quickly BUT not any quicker than most other nail polishes I own. I would recommend this polish for anyone who wants good color that dries quickly and is very affordable!

Try looking in your local Dollar Tree for nail polish! It’s totally worth the search!

XO, Gabby

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