Best Palette of 2019

Hi friends! I am so so so excited to be reviewing the Tati Beauty palette today! I have been seeing it everywhere and I finally got my hands on it. I have been a big fan of Tati for a few years now and I’m so excited she finally launched color cosmetics. I was waiting to do a review until it was restocked so I wouldn’t be reviewing something nobody could order. Ya feel me? That would be cruel. BUT it is being restocked this Friday, January 10th so it’s time for a review!

First of all, this palette is the heaviest palette ever. The packaging is super sleek and very high quality and it comes with a HUGE mirror that makes it great for travel. It come sin a box that is reminiscent of a PR box and that’s kind of fun. I think the shades in the palette are beautiful. I am obsessed with the purple-y shades because those always look best on my eyes. There are 6 mattes, sequins, metallics, and glitters. Each column in the palette tells a story and I love it. The shades make for a very versatile palette that you can use to create a ton of different looks.

I love the blendability of the shadows in this palette. Even the sequins and metallics are easy to work with. Don’t even get me started with the glitters. You don’t even need a glitter glue and I love that aspect. I just apply them with my finger and bam, it’s some intense sparkle you can see a mile away. I wore her shadows and a glitter on the day of my niece’s birthday party and not only did I receive a million compliments on how glittery my eyeshadow was, but it lasted all stinking day long! And I mean ALLLLLL day long. I applied it around 8:30 in the morning and didn’t take it off until about 9pm and my eyeshadow was still in place and looking fierce.

The one gripe I have about this palette is that the glitters get EVERYWHERE! I guess that’s something you can’t really get around with a glitter but I would just recommend doing your face makeup after applying the glitters in this palette. I just had a sparkly face hehe.

Overall, I think this palette is top notch and would recommend it to anybody. It is $48 which isn’t the cheapest palette, BUT you do get 24 shadows which I think is a great deal. Again, it’ll be in stock again Friday, January 10th and you can shop it HERE.

XO, Gabby

*This post is not sponsored

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