Casual Valentine's Day Outfit Inspo

Hi my friends! Over the weekend, I went down to MD to surprise my mom and do a girls day with her and my sister! We went to a place called Board and Brush and we painted and created some signs to put up in our houses. It was a blast and I was so excited to be able to surprise her for her birthday!

Today is actually Joey and my dating anniversary. 5 years ago he officially asked me to be his gal and we went to the farm show in Harrisburg! It was such a fun night and I will remember it forever. I honestly don’t know how Joey and I have been together for half a decade already! It seems like we were in college yesterday! But I definitely have romance on the brain hehe Today I’m sharing some inspo for a casual Valentine’s Day! Sometimes you just don’t feel like getting dressed to the nines so these pieces are perfect for a casual night.

Zebra Sweater

Leopard Sweater

Striped Sweater

Gray Joggers

Wedge Heels



Nail Polish

Heart Earrings

Distressed Jeans

Babydoll Tee


Blush Bag


Name Necklace

XO, Gabby

*This post contains affiliate links

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