Trends That Should Stay in 2019

Hi friends! Happy Weekend! I wanted to write a post about trends that I think should stay in 2019. There were some trends last year that I really could not get on board with and were just kinda cringey to me. This is all personal opinion. If you love these trends, then keep on trucking.

Fanny Packs

Guys, I wish I could say I loved this trend but sadly, I just couldn’t. Let me tell you why. Whenever my dad travels anywhere, he uses a fanny pack to keep his valuables in (passport, ID, wallet, etc.). It’s purely for utility for him. Anytime I saw anybody with a fanny pack, I had flashbacks of my dad with his fanny pack and how dorky I always thought it was. It still haunts me when I see someone out with a fanny pack. Toward the end of 2019, I started seeing jumbo fanny packs that kind of go across the body and those should probably go in the “stay in 2019” bin as well. I really just couldn’t get on the fanny pack train.

Girl Boss Anything

I’m all for empowering women but whenever I see anything that says Girl Boss on it, I cringe. It was cute when it first surfaced but I saw it on EVERYTHING last year and it started to lose its cuteness and just became really overdone. It is just a broken record at this point and I’d like to see some new material.

Bike Shorts

Y’all come on now. I don’t see a reason to wear bike shorts unless you are on a bike. I truly just do not get this trend AT ALL. I love leggings and anything comfy but I really don’t understand the bike shorts. They remind me of really tight bermuda shorts and I really don’t think bermuda shorts should make their way back into stores anytime soon. Is there something I’m missing with the bike shorts?

Tiny Sunglasses

These are kinda strange to me but I also just think that if I ever wore them, it would bother me that they were so small. I need a big lens to look through or I can’t focus. I’ll be done for, the day I have to get bifocals. It kind of looks like people are wearing children’s sunglasses a smidge. 2019 can keep those tiny specs.

Gucci Belts

Last but not least, the ever popular Gucci belt. Scrolling through Insta, there was nary a day when I didn’t see at least 20 gals with a Gucci (or look alike) belt. Ya know, I just am not into the look of chunky belt buckles. It kind of reminds me of 2004 when that was super in. I tend to gravitate more towards thin belts that can be concealed easily, but that’s just my style.

Again, if you love these trends, then by all means, you keep doing you. These are just my personal preferences. I’d love to hear what trends you couldn’t get on board with in 2019!

XO, Gabby

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