Lidl Grocery Haul

Hi guys! I am so excited to do this grocery haul because a new grocery store just opened up near me called Lidl (pronounced like leedle). It’s a German company really similar to Aldi but I honestly think Lidl is better. I know they are opening a lot of new stores so I wanted to do a haul if they are opening near you or if you already have one near you!

I’m not going to go through EVERYTHING because it was a lot and there are photos 🙂 I’m going to go through some of the really good deals I found!


First and foremost, I found a great deal on Blueberries! They can be really freaking expensive! I found them for $1.99 per pint! I was really excited because a small pint of blueberries can be upwards of $3.49! You better bet I was getting some! I’ve found that I enjoy fresh blueberries in my oatmeal a lot more than frozen. So a pint will last me about 5 days which is perfect for weekday breakfasts before work.

Sweet Potatoes

They have great deals on sweet potatoes. I never really like buying them individually because they can be really huge. I can never eat the whole potato. I was so excited when I found this bag of sweet potatoes because they are a normal size! They are about the size of a normal portion of sweet potato and I can actually eat the whole thing! Not only are they a great size but it was only $2.39 for this bag! Sweet potatoes last a long time so I like to buy them in bulk!

Organic Spring Mix

I got this spring mix for $2.49. Now if you shop at the regular grocery store, you know organic anything can be through the roof expensive. I’m not one who usually cares if something is organic or not, but I thought this was a great price for organic spring mix. I am the only one in our house that will eat it (Joey claims to be allergic to salad *eye roll*) so this will last me about a week! Spring mix is my salad green of choice because I just can’t do straight up kale or spinach. I need a good mix of different greens and I love the bitter greens that are usually in spring mix!

Ground Turkey

This isn’t pictured because I honestly forgot I bought it haha BUT I got a great deal. I got 1 lb of 93% lean ground turkey for $2.89!! That’s unheard of! It’s great because I make a lot of soups with ground turkey and we love tacos! I see a lot more ground turkey dishes in our future!

Apples and Clementines

I find that apples and clementines can be EXPENSIVE! I never buy apples individually because they tend to be cheaper when you buy them by the bag if you eat a lot of them…and we do. This is one fruit that Joey will eat a good amount of so I ALWAYS have them on hand. I also like that when they’re in a bag, they tend to be a little smaller than the ones that are sold individually. I can’t eat one of those apples that are the size of my head in one sitting soooo I appreciate the smaller apples in the bag. I got this bag of Fuji apples for $3.29. Fuji apples can be more expensive sometimes and I thought this was a good price.

This 2 lb bag of clementines was $2.99 which is a steal! I find that clementines can be upwards of $4 sometimes which is cray. Joey will eat clementines but they’re not his favorite fruit. I literally eat any and every fruit haha so a big bag for $3 is great!

I am kind of obsessed with Lidl and I get excited to go grocery shopping every week now! They have self checkout, a rewards system as well as an in-house bakery! If you have one near you, I definitely recommend you check it out!

XO, Gabby

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