Guide to Every Home Baker’s Must Have Tools

Hi friends! I hope you’re all doing well! I am FINALLY feeling better. I had the flu last week and it was not pretty. I could barely get myself from my bed to the couch! I don’t think I’d ever had the flu because I had never felt like that before! But I’m so happy to finally be feeling better now!

This is a post I was so excited to write because I love sharing my kitchen tips! As you know, I am an avid baker and it is my stress reliever. I pride myself on baking everything from scratch. No boxed mixes here! I am ALWAYS in the kitchen testing recipes and baking for Joey’s coworkers and mine! That means I have to have the right tools in the kitchen to be successful so I thought I would write a little guide to the tools every home baker needs! There are so many cool kitchen gadgets out there that it can be overwhelming to know what you really need! That’s where I come in! I’m here to help šŸ™‚

Silicone Baking Mat

This is one of my most used baking tools. Not only does it save you money in the long run because you’re not buying parchment paper all the time but they are so durable and nothing sticks to them! AND they’re dishwasher safe! They can be pricey but they pay off! I have used all of mine hundreds of times and they’re still like new! I own these.

Measuring Cups and Spoons

In baking, measuring is EVERYTHING. If an ingredient isn’t measured properly, your baking can be a giant disaster! Every baker needs dry measuring cups, a wet measuring cup, and measuring spoons. You need both dry and wet measuring cups because if you measure a liquid in a dry measuring cup or a dry ingredient in a wet measuring cup, your quantities will be all wrong and it won’t turn out right. Measuring spoons are pretty straightforward though. A teaspoon is a teaspoon whether it’s wet or dry. I own these dry measuring cups, this wet measuring cup, and these measuring spoons.

Food Scale

Nothing can be more accurate than weighing ingredients. Sometimes recipes will be in grams and ounces and that’s where the food scale is my best friend. I can just weigh out the ingredients and I know it will be accurate. When making big batches of something, I usually like to weigh the ingredients so I know it’s correct. I own this scale.

Silicone Spatulas

I am a spatula horder. Anytime I see a cute spatula, I want to buy it. I like to have as many as I can because I am always using them. I like the ones with kind of a spoon shape because those are really sturdy and mix the best. I love these!

Hand Mixer

I would say everyone needs a stand mixer BUT I know those are pretty dang expensive. A hand mixer will do the same thing, it just takes a little more muscle. Hand mixers are great for whipping cream and egg whites and really mixing anything you want to bake. You can always use a good ole whisk but hand mixers are relatively inexpensive and get the job done quickly. I have this one.

Cookie Scoops

When I bought cookie scoops, my life was changed. It made making drop cookies so much easier. Using a cookie scoop ensures that every cookie is the same size, which means they’ll bake evenly. They come in a bunch of different sizes and you can also use them for batters! I have a giant one that I use for making muffins and cupcakes. It makes sure there is the same amount of batter in each muffin tin every time! I have these!

Marble Rolling Pin

I cannot stress how amazing this tool is! I have had a marble rolling pin for years and it has changed my dough game. I keep mine in the fridge to keep it cold at all times. Doughs like sugar cookie dough and pie dough need to stay chilled while rolling out so having a heavy, cold rolling pin is magical. It keeps the dough cold while applying a lot of weight to aid in flattening the dough. They are usually reasonably priced as well so it’s a win-win! I have this one.

Baking Sheets

I use my baking sheets almost every day. I use them for baking as well as for roasting veggies and everything in between. I just have 2 standard baking sheets that are rimmed. I don’t recommending getting professional size baking sheets unless you know they will fit in your oven. Regular sized baking sheets will work just fine! Having good rimmed baking sheets is crucial because they are so versatile. I have these.

Cooling Racks

Cooling racks are essential! Air can’t flow to the bottom of your baked goods unless they’re on a cooling rack! I always use a cooling rack to cool everything! Cooling racks will cut your cooling time in half! I have these.

Mixing Bowls

I mean, you can’t really bake without mixing bowls. I love having a variety of different sizes. I love these because they nest inside each other and have lids!

An Array of Baking Pans

I have a lot of baking pans in different sizes. I recommend these:

With these different sizes, you’ll be ready to bake anything!

Piping Tips and Disposable Piping Bags

I don’t love piping and decorating cakes and cookies but when I am in the mood, I love having these on hand! I do have reusable piping bags but they’re kind of a pain to wash so I prefer disposable ones. I love these piping tips.

These are all my must haves. I couldn’t be the baker that I am without them! Happy Baking!

XO, Gabby

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