How Much Does My Face Cost?

Hi guys! Today I am going to tell you how much my face costs! I thought this was such a fun post to do! I loved finding out how much money it takes to make myself look decent hahaha I don’t use a ton of high end makeup or skincare so I wasn’t expecting it to be super expensive but it’s just crazy that we spend so much to make ourselves look prettier! Anyway, let’s dive in!

Wow, I am realizing I use a lot of stuff on my face EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. It’s crazy! Like I said, I don’t use many high end products so the total isn’t going to be through the roof. Are we ready for the grand total? *Drumroll*

If I did my addition right, the total comes to $220.61. My mind is blown. Can you imagine if I used high end products for every single part of my face? That total wasn’t even including all the other eyeliners and lip colors and eyeshadow palettes I own. This is just what I would use on a normal day! Dang! This was so fun! It’s a good thing I don’t run out of everything at once. My hubby would be none too pleased haha I hope this was as fun for you as it was for me!

XO, Gabby

*This post contains affiliate links

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